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From the desk of our Visionary & CEO


The vision of Infecting Change was birthed from the need, desire, and even the calling of creating (infecting) change in the sphere of Arts & Entertainment. A change I felt was evident based on my varied experiences as a creator. Many failed projects, obstacles and closed doors lead to the birthing of ICTV. Little did I know at the time that the obstacles I had faced were child's play compared to what was to come. We, however have persisted are re-building and re-launching our brand with the same goal in mind; you, the consumer and the creator. Ownership over censorship and partnership over control is nor only a mantra, but a culture code at ICTV. I can relate to and connect deeply with the distress that befalls independent creators because I faced those same impediments. I understand every obstacles from distribution to casting to the greatest of them all, financial woes and failed industry relationships. Each of which lead here, to this moment; to ICTV. We want you to reimagine what film, television, music and even live theater distribution and content could be when we put the creator and the content first, above all else.

In addition to our tech & production teams working tirelessly to re-launch ICTV, I am thrilled to share the news of our all new short form digital platform, BlaXperience Media powered by ICTV. BXM will house short form content, events, blogs, interviews and so much more with an intensive focus on Black creators telling Black stories, giving you and others a BlaXperience never to be taken for granted or forgotten. We can't wait to share more about BXM and prepare our subscribers, fans and supporters for the launch of BlaXperience Media where, "The Culture is the X Factor." Thank you all for being patient, kind and so incredibly supportive on this journey. We can't wait to re-introduce the all new ICTV and introduce the brand new BXM!

We didn't have a "plug," so we became "the plug" so to speak. There wasn't a table for us. So we built one. Why don't you come sit at our table, where you can own your seat. What do you see?

iSee TV.

 - J.P. Haynes ICTV Visionary & CEO